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The Secret to a Great Manicure

Ever polish your nails at home and wonder why on earth you did not achieve salon results? Think big picture! Your nails may be the fine art at center focus, but the frame around it is equally important to tie in the perfect look. Moisturized skin and cuticles are critical to a salon finish. Here…

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Ani Michele Nail Polish: The Importance of 5 Free of Chemicals

With literally hundreds of thousands of nail polishes available today, choosing the perfect brand could be a daunting task. Many choose their polish based on the type of colors and variety offered, but have you ever checked the ingredients that are formulated to produce these polishes that are so popular today?

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3 Easy Tips to Prevent Nail Chipping

Do you take pride in your hands and nails? Once you have gone through the work of applying your nail polish you not only want it to look good, but you want the beautiful appearance to last. One problem most ladies face is the inevitable polish chip. You can’t always help a hard hit to…

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Thank you so much for visiting!  I am so happy to introduce my new exclusive nail polish line, Ani Michele!  Check back often for special deals, helpful beauty tips and so much more!   XOXO,  Ani Michele

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