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Color Highlight: Everything’s Just Peachy

Ani Michele’s Nail Lacquer in Everything’s Just Peachy makes us truly feel like everything is just peachy. We can’t help it!

Peachy Hair & Makeup

Peach beauty doesn’t have to end at your fabulous pink manicure. Check out these gorgeous peach looks:

  1. Peachy lips

Source: The Makeup Bag

Source: The Makeup Bag

Next to peach-colored nails, nothing is prettier than a sweet pink pucker. Want the look? Check out Tarte’s Amazonian Butter Lipstick in Coral Blossom.

  1. Pastel Pink Hair

Everything's Just Peachy

Source: Aubrey Nelson instagram

Pink hair isn’t just for edgy teenagers. Grown-ups can have fun too! Pastel hair colors are growing ever more popular, and let’s face it—it’s a dream come true.

  1. Peachy Eye Shadow

Source: Lulu's

Source: Lulu’s

Complete your summery peach look with shimmery peach eye shadow. We love how fresh and lively this look is! Check out NYX’s Primatic Shadow in Golden Peach to do it yourself.

Step Out in Peach

The color peach inspires us to go outside and breathe in the fresh air. What about you?

  1. Peach Coat

For those chillier days, throw on this pretty peach drawstring coat and bring some color to the world.

  1. Peach Rain Boots

And if it’s raining outside, pair that sweet pink coat with these adorable pink rain boots. If they happen to motivate you to splash around in some puddles on your way to work, we’re totally not judging.

  1. Peach NASA hat

Shield your eyes from that hot burning ball of gas in the sky and support America’s space program, all while looking peachy keen.

Peach Attire

Peach belongs with dresses, especially the flowy, breezy, ballerina type.

  1. Flower Child Flowy Dress

Everything's Just Peachy

This darling flowy peach dress deserves to make an appearance this summer.

  1. Peach Blossom Skirt

Everything's Just Peachy

We’re getting literal now, but for good reason. The peach blossom print on this skirt paired with navy blue? YES.

  1. Peach Tulle Skirt

Time to channel your inner ballerina!

Check out Ani Michele’s Nail Lacquer’s, especially Everything’s Just Peachy, and try out some of these fun looks!