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Color Highlight: Purple Reign

The power is in the nails—with Ani Michele’s Purple Reign Nail Lacquer you’ll look and feel like royalty. And that’s because you already are, obviously. Fill your wardrobe with shades of purple and represent your claim to the throne. Here’s some inspiration:

Royal Dresses

Dress to impress the royal court in these elegant ball gowns.

  • Daalarna Lace Dress

Daalarna Lace Dress

The Queen has invited you to court—what will you wear? Something elegant and eye-catching, like this gown. You’ll be the talk of the kingdom.

  • Lace and Frills

Lace and Frills

But wait—here, you are the Queen. Rule in style with sheer lace and tiered fabric in deep purple tones.

  • The Gown of the Century

The Gown of the Century

All fair maidens and noble princes will watch, mouths agape, as you take the throne in this gorgeous dark purple gown.

Purple Pinterest-Inspired Ensembles

As pretty and perfect as a lady in waiting, this cheerful floral outfit will brighten anyone’s day.

  • Bohemian Princess

Bohemian Princess

Who is that mysterious traveler from a distant land that just arrived in the city? Her nails are perfect.

  • Everyday Majesty

Everyday Majesty

Royal hues aren’t just for attending balls; impress the ladies and gents of the realm on the daily with a purple outfit like this one.

Crown Jewels

No queen is without her crown jewels.

  • A Crown of Golden Leaves

A Crown of Golden Leaves

Adorn your royal head with a crown of golden leaves.

  • Chunky Jewel Necklace

Chunky Jewel Necklace

A bejeweled neckline will make any outfit fit for a queen.

  • Dazzling Rings

Dazzling Rings

Don’t forget to show off that Purple Reign manicure with fingers full of rings.

And for Rainy Days…

  • Purple REIGN Boots

Purple REIGN Boots

Because we couldn’t help it. And they’re adorable.

Now get out there and rule.