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The Secret to Soft Hands and Feet

The Secret to Soft Hands and Feet

The skin is the body’s largest organ and when it is neglected, it reacts harshly. If you’ve ever noticed how dry your hands and feet get at times, you’ll understand exactly what’s being said here. Colder weather months wreak havoc on skin which is why moisturizing your hands and feet regularly is not only recommended but necessary.

Focus on Cleansing and Exfoliating

The secret to soft hands and feet is gentle cleansing and exfoliating, too. The first removes dirt and bacteria from the skin. The second removes dry, flaky skin which causes redness and irritation.

A mild cleanser should be used so that it doesn’t irritate the skin even more. You can create your own natural exfoliator at home using three simple ingredients. This helps slough off dead skin cells to reveal softer, newer skin.

Grab sea salt from the kitchen, a half of cup of oil (sweet almond, jojoba), and essential oil. Combine the ingredients and apply the mixture liberally to your hands and feet while in the shower. Gently massage the exfoliator into the skin using small circular motions.

You’ll want to rinse the tub out well after doing this. Oil tends to be slick and can cause an accident if not removed immediately. You can create the exfoliating recipe any time your hands or feet feel especially rough.

Take a Similar Approach When Caring for Hands and Feet

Hands and feet should be treated similarly. For example, you’ll want to take great care in what you use to protect your extremities. Your hands should be covered by a good pair of rubber gloves when washing dishes and winter gloves during colder weather months. The shoes that you choose to wear on your feet should fit well and not be tight because it causes friction.

Wash your hands and your feet with warm, not hot water, to prevent them from drying out. Use mild soap and pat, not rub, your extremities dry. Apply moisturizer specific to that area of the body on your hands and feet. If you still notice dry spots on your skin, you’ll want to sleep in a pair of moisturizing gloves and soak your feet in a warm foot bath to help soothe the dry skin.

You can also apply the same treatment to your feet as you did with your hands. Apply a generous layer of creamy moisturizer to the tops, bottoms, and heels of your feet. Then put a pair of thick cotton socks on before climbing into bed.

Keep Skin Hydrated by Drinking Plenty of Water

You’ll also want to make sure you drink enough water because it is hydrating. It keeps skin looking and feeling its best so make sure that clear H2O is your drink of choice. Carry a water bottle around, especially in the summer, and sip from it often.

Keeping your hands and feet soft is an ongoing task and one that requires some effort. Make it a point to pay special attention to these areas of your body. They carry you through your daily routine in more ways than you even imagine.