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The Importance of Managing Your Cuticles

The Importance of Managing Your Cuticles

When people think about manicures, they think about beautifully sculpted fingernails, filed to perfection, coated with polish, and topped with shiny clear coat. They may consider exfoliation or paraffin dips. Perhaps even moisturizers. Unfortunately, people forget about the most important part of healthy nails – the cuticles!

So what are cuticles? Cuticles are actually thin pieces of skin that connect your finger to your fingernail. They act like protective barriers for the nail bed while your fingernails are growing, keeping dirt and bacteria from harming your fingernails and preventing infections. The cuticles also cover the cells that actually grow and build your fingernails.

Cuticles are truly the unsung heroes when it comes to maintaining perfect manicures. If you take proper care of your cuticles by keeping them moisturized, pushing them back gently with an orange stick, and never cutting or ripping them, your nails will grow in longer and stronger than ever before.

Keeping the cuticles moisturized and pushed back are just the beginning. Did you know that choosing the wrong nail care products can cause damage to these delicate membranes? Acetone-based nail polish removers and polishes containing formaldehyde are just as bad for your cuticles as they are for your nails!

Fortunately, Ani Michele lacquers are “5 Free of Chemicals”, which means that all of our beautiful nail polishes are free of the five harmful chemicals typically found in your traditional polishes. When your manicure includes Ani Michele lacquer, you can rest assured that your nails will not only look fabulous and glossy. The nails and cuticles will remain healthy and moist because they won’t be covered in damaging and drying chemicals.

It’s simple, really: healthy cuticles look better than unhealthy ones. And healthy cuticles are the perfect accent to your perfect Ani Michele manicure.