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5 Ways to Repair Your Nails After A Gel Manicure

5 Ways to Repair Your Nails After A Gel Manicure

These days, it’s hard to say no to a gel manicure. Unfortunately, there are downsides that come along with our beloved gel manicures. Not only does gel cost more than your regular manicure, it could also do some extensive damage to your nails.


Below are some ways to help you repair your nails after a gel manicure:

  1. Cuticle Oil Treatment 

Gel manicures leave your nails dry and brittle. This is why massaging cuticle oil over your nails and cuticles will not only help make them strong again, it will also return the lost nutrients and nourish your dry nails.

  1. Oil Based Moisturizer 

Since your nails are so dry after removing your gel polish, moisturizers will not work well to hydrate and moisturize them. Therefore, choose oil-based or rich creams and ointments to apply on your nails. 

  1. Nail Masks

We have all seen the benefits of facemasks and how effective they are. This is why using nail masks are equally helpful. Make a cocktail of olive oil, vitamin e, apricot oil and other such nourishing ingredients and apply them on your nails for a good hour before you wash them. 

  1. Use gloves

After giving your nails good hydration and moisturizing treatment, it is also essential to allow a soak time for the nails to lap up the goodness of the oils and lotions. Therefore a good time to do this would be to moisturize the nails at night and wear gloves on your hands to prevent the oil from running off. Also wear the gloves throughout the day, particularly when you work in water like washing dishes or so.

  1. Improve your diet

Vitamins, balanced diet and fluids help to improve the health of every single part of our body, so why should our nails be any different? By drinking a lot of water you will be preventing dehydration and brittle nails. By taking multi-vitamins or simply eating fruits you can help make your nails become healthy. A balanced diet will not only help improve the overall health it will also improve your dry and brittle nails.

While gel manicures seems to be here to stay for quite a while, it is necessary to protect our nails and give them a breather every once and a while. In the interim, why not try Ani Michele, a 5-free lacquer. Ani Michele is free of the most harmful chemicals and also offers a great range of colors. Your nails will thank you!