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How to get a Chip-Free Manicure

How to get a Chip-Free Manicure

No look is complete without the perfect nails, but let’s be honest, keeping up can get a little stressful. Even the best manicures sometimes last only a few days, and then you’re right back at square one. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if there was a way you could make your manicure last longer? We have good news!  Here’s how to get a chip-free manicure that will last longer:

First, remove old polish with a moisturizing remover, and make sure you get all polish off the nail. Next, file your nails—don’t use a clipper! Nail clippers can split your nail. Opt for a crystal file for a smooth surface, and go for a shorter, rounded look. Long, pointed nails break faster. After you’re done prepping your nails, wash your hands to remove excess oil that can prevent polish from gripping.

Rather than soaking your nails, use a cuticle remover to quickly and effectively remove cuticles, and then take a nail brush to your fingertips to remove any dirt underneath your nails. Don’t forget to moisturize your cuticles afterwards. They need tender love and care too!

Before you apply polish, apply a strong base coat. This will prevent staining and grip the polish to your nail. Then choose an Ani Michele Nail Lacquer in your favorite shade, and apply over the base. Wait until each coat is dry before applying the next coat. This step is vital to prevent chipping! When you’re ready, apply your top coat by wrapping the tip of the nail, and then the face. The tips of your nails are the most prone to chipping, and this will keep the polish smooth over the edge.

Remember: be careful with your nails! Wear gloves when washing the dishes, and don’t use them to pick off stickers or tags. This is the best way to prevent chipping!