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Ani Michele Nail Lacquer

We have big news: Ani Michele has released six new shades of nail lacquer! We are BEYOND pumped to adorn our fingertips with these gorgeous colors, ranging from soft neutrals all the way to striking pinks and purples. They’re just in time for summer, and you’re not going to want to wait to collect them all. Check out these sweet shades:

  1. Before and After

It’s all we’ve ever wanted—a clear coat that will stick with us from beginning to end. This base coat/top coat hybrid is an essential you can’t pass up!

  1. Best Mistake Ever

A white manicure is a spring and summer must, and you definitely won’t regret making Best Mistake Ever your go-to white lacquer. The clean, pristine shade will look flawless—no need to erase this one.

  1. Everything’s Just Peachy

Oh, everything will be more than just peachy when you’re wearing this cheerful shade of peach. We think it would be great paired with a fruity cocktail by the pool.

  1. Fashion Week

You’ll look like you just graced the catwalk wearing this high fashion neutral shade on your fingertips. Get ready to strut your stuff!

  1. Pinky Promise

We pinky promise this hot shade of pink will dazzle spectators. Rock it at every poolside event this summer.

  1. Purple Reign

You’re going to love showing off your regal side in this deep, royal shade of purple. It’ll look great with your crown of jewels—or maybe just some gold accessories.

We absolutely cannot wait to start pairing these gorgeous new lacquers with the perfect outfits and accessories. The best part? Like all of Ani Michele’s nail lacquers, they are all cruelty free, 5 free, and vegan friendly, so we’ll be indulging in fashion with a clear conscience this summer, as always. What more could you possibly ask for?