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Patriotic Nail Art for the 4th of July

Holidays are great excuses to go all out and try fun, different nail art styles: green and red and snowflakes for Christmas, candy corn stripes for Halloween, and of course, fireworks and the Star Spangled Banner for the 4th. Want to show off your American pride this 4th of July with a red, white, and blue manicure? Get inspired by these patriotic 4th of July manis:

  1. Sparkler Nails 
    sparkler nails

Have your nails match your sparkler with this sparkly red, white, and blue mani.

  1. Stars and Polka Dots
    Stars and Polka Dots

Can we just say: when are polka dots not a good option? Never? Exactly.

  1. Classic Stars and Stripes
    Classic Stars and Stripes

This one has a tutorial! Grab Ani Michele’s For the Love of Blue, Love Bug, and Best Mistake Ever nail lacquers and get to DIY-ing.

  1. Nautical Patriotism
    Nautical Patriotism

Support our aquatic troops with an anchor decal.

  1. Fireworks

Most fun part about the 4th of July? Definitely the fireworks. Rock them on your nails and watch them in the sky.

  1. Stars and Stripes Mashup
    Stars and Strips Mashup

Mix up different combinations of stars and stripes in one of these all-American manis.

  1. NOTUS (Nails of the United States)
    NOTUS (Nails of the United States)

Celebrate U.S. history with these presidential nails. They look a little ambitious, but so much fun!

  1. Bald Eagle Nails
    Bald Eagle Nails

Represent with a portrait of America’s national bird: the majestic bald eagle.

  1. Negative Space Nails
    Negative Space Nails

Rock this design Independent of a base color.

Feeling inspired? Try one of these awesome nail art designs this 4th of July, or create a masterpiece of your own and celebrate with pride!