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The Benefits of an All-Natural Nail Lacquer

The Benefits of an All-Natural Nail Lacquer

When most women get or give themselves a manicure, they aren’t thinking about the toxic ingredients found in their nail polish. The harmful components in nail polish can affect both your health and the environment. In fact, many cities and towns list nail polish as a hazardous household waste product.

All-natural, or organic nail lacquer, offers a better alternative for both you and the environment. The major benefit of all-natural nail lacquer is that it does not use the same harmful chemicals, such as formaldehyde, formaldehye resin, camphor, toluene, and dibutyl, that are found in your regular nail polish. Instead, the ingredients in all-natural nail lacquer have not been changed from their original state.

This is especially important for pregnant women, as these chemicals found in regular nail lacquer could potentially put the unborn baby at risk for birth defects or other health issues later in life. All-natural nail lacquer is a much safer option for pregnant women who still want to polish their nails. Even if you are not pregnant, there is no reason to expose your body to these chemicals when all-natural polish provides another alternative.

Another downfall of regular lacquer is that it smells. And it doesn’t smell good. The odor found in nail lacquer is a result of all of the chemicals used.   All-natural nail lacquer does not have an odor because it is made with all organic ingredients, and has no strong fragrance to irritate allergies. It is completely non-toxic, and even safe for children.

In addition to being better for you, all-natural nail lacquer makes doing your nails easier because it dries quickly, as it is water-based, rather than chemical-based. That makes mistakes easy to correct. Simply swipe away any mistakes with a cotton pad and you are ready to go!

At Ani Michele, we are proud that our nail lacquer is free from harmful chemicals and vegan-friendly. Whether you are a nail polish addict, or just do a manicure occasionally, using our all-natural nail lacquer is beneficial to your health.